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Victor Hugo has been a popular subject of news and media coverage over the years. From his works to his personal life, Hugo has been the focus of numerous articles, videos, and other media. Here’s a selection of some of the most interesting and informative pieces about Hugo and his life: 1. "10 Things You Didn't Know About Victor Hugo" - This video from the History Channel goes in-depth on the life of Victor Hugo, discussing his works, his politics, and his love life. 2. "Victor Hugo: A Genius of the French Revolution" - This article from The Guardian provides an overview of Hugo's life and work, as well as his impact on French culture. 3. "Victor Hugo: The Writer Who Changed France" - This video from the BBC looks at Hugo's life and career, and the effect he had on French society. 4. "The Life and Legacy of Victor Hugo" - This article from The Art Story provides a comprehensive overview of Hugo's career and his impact on literature. 5. "Victor Hugo: The Man Who Changed French Literature" - This video from the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation looks at Hugo's life and explores his influence on French