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Vocal is a technology platform that makes it easier for individuals to create and distribute digital content. It allows anyone to become a content creator, with tools to create and share stories, images, audio, and video. It is particularly popular among independent creators and brands looking to reach a larger audience with their content. Vocal's platform includes tools to help creators create, optimize, and distribute their content, as well as tools to track analytics and monetize their content. It also provides a community of creators who can engage with each other and share their work. Furthermore, Vocal hosts a variety of original content as well as syndicated content from its partners. Vocal has been featured in many news articles, as its platform has become increasingly popular for content creators. Many of these articles have highlighted the platform's features, such as its ability to reach a larger audience and its comprehensive set of tools for content creation, optimization, and distribution. Other articles have discussed the success stories of content creators on the platform, as well as the ways in which Vocal is helping to democratize the digital content industry. In addition, there are a variety of videos available online, from tutorials on how to use the platform to interviews with successful content creators.