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Wearable technology is a rapidly growing industry, and is expected to reach over $6 billion by 2021. There is a wide range of wearable technology products available, including fitness trackers, smartwatches, and smart glasses. As such, there is a need for news and articles that discuss the latest developments in this area. In this section, we provide a selection of news, articles, and videos related to wearable technology. 1. "What's the future of wearable technology?" by Komal Sakhuja - This article looks at the current trends in the wearable technology market and discusses the potential future of the industry. It examines the various types of wearable devices available, and how they are likely to evolve in the future. 2. "Wearable Technology in Healthcare - The Next Big Thing?" by John Ryan - This article looks at the potential of wearable technology in healthcare. It examines the various applications of wearables in healthcare, and the potential benefits they could bring to patients and healthcare providers. 3. "The Wearable Technology Revolution" by David Heinemeier Hansson - This video explores the potential of wearable technology and how it could revolutionize our lives. It looks at the various types of wearables that