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Werewolf by Night is a Marvel Comics character created by writer Gerry Conway and artist Mike Ploog. He first appeared in Werewolf by Night #1 (September 1972). The character has been a recurring presence in Marvel's supernatural titles, appearing in various series over the years. He has been featured in several television and film adaptations, including a film adaptation produced by Marvel and written and directed by David Hayter. Werewolf by Night has also been featured in several video games, including Marvel: Ultimate Alliance and Marvel vs. Capcom 3. The character has a long and complicated history in Marvel Comics, with several different origin stories and a variety of different powers and abilities. He is a werewolf, and his powers include superhuman strength, speed, agility, and endurance. He also has the ability to shapeshift into a werewolf form and can control the actions of other werewolves. His primary enemies are the members of the Order of the Darkhold, a group of evil supernatural cultists. Werewolf by Night has also been a member of a number of teams over the years, including the Midnight Sons and the Legion of Monsters. He is a member of the Defenders, a superhero team that includes Doctor Strange, the Sub-Mariner