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Work ethics is a set of values, beliefs and attitudes that guide how a person behaves at work. It is important for employees to have strong work ethics to ensure that they can succeed in their job and work well with their colleagues. Here are some articles, news and videos about work ethics, to help you learn more about it. 1. The Benefits of Having Good Work Ethics (BBC News) This article from BBC News explores the benefits of having good work ethics, such as increased productivity, respect from colleagues, and job satisfaction. It also discusses how employers can encourage their employees to adopt and maintain good work ethics. 2. 5 Tips for Cultivating Good Work Ethics (Forbes) This article from Forbes provides five tips to help cultivate good work ethics. It covers topics such as setting goals, treating others with respect, and taking responsibility for mistakes. 3. Work Ethics and Professionalism (TED Talk) In this TED Talk, speaker Nilofer Merchant discusses the importance of work ethics and professionalism in the workplace. She argues that having a strong sense of ethics in the workplace is the key to creating a successful and fulfilling career. 4. What Are the Characteristics of Good Work Ethics? (The Balance