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The World Rally Championship (WRC) is an annual rally championship organized by the FIA. It is one of the most prestigious and challenging motor sports in the world. The WRC consists of 13 rallies spread across the world, from the Monte Carlo Rally in Monaco to the Rally GB in Great Britain. Each rally is held over two to three days and is made up of a series of special stages, or timed sections, on gravel, tarmac, snow and ice. Drivers compete in identical cars, with the fastest driver over the course of the rally winning. There are a number of sources for news, articles and videos about the WRC. The official WRC website (www.wrc.com) is a great place to start, with news and videos from the events and interviews with drivers. There are also a number of dedicated WRC fan websites, such as WRCFIA.com, which offer detailed updates on the championship and its drivers. Other sources of news, articles and videos include the major motorsport websites, such as Motorsport.com and Autosport.com, which offer comprehensive coverage of the WRC. YouTube also has a wide selection of videos, from onboard footage to highlights of each event.