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1. YouTube Music Launches In India: How To Stream Music On The Platform YouTube Music has officially launched in India, bringing its streaming service to the country for the first time. The service can be accessed through the YouTube Music app, as well as through the main YouTube app, and lets users listen to their favorite music, explore new music, and create playlists. The app also has personalized recommendations based on users’ listening habits. The service is free with ads, but users can also opt for the ad-free version with a subscription. 2. Google Music to Merge with YouTube Music Google is planning to merge its Google Music streaming service with YouTube Music. The move is part of Google’s larger plan to bring its music streaming offerings under one roof. Google Music launched in 2011 and allows users to store and stream their own music, as well as access songs from the Google Play Store. YouTube Music, launched in 2015, allows users to stream music videos and audio-only content from YouTube. The two services are expected to be merged by the end of the year. 3. YouTube Music Adds Support for Offline Playback YouTube Music has added support for offline playback, allowing users to save their favorite music