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Yusuf Atılgan is an author, playwright, and screenwriter from Turkey. He is best known for his novels and plays, which often explore themes of identity and alienation in Turkey. His works have been translated into several languages and have been adapted for stage and screen. Atılgan is a recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature, the Order of Merit from the Turkish Republic, and the Grand Prix from the International Theatre Institute. Yusuf Atılgan's work has been featured in numerous news articles, interviews, and videos. One of his most famous works, the novel Aylak Adam (The Idle Man), was adapted into a feature film in 2009. In the same year, Atılgan was interviewed by the BBC about his life and work. In 2020, he received the Order of Merit from the Turkish Republic. Atılgan has also been featured in a series of videos produced by the Turkish newspaper Hürriyet. In the videos, Atılgan speaks about his writing process, his thoughts on the importance of literature, and his views on the changing face of Turkey. Atılgan's works have been widely discussed and reviewed by critics. In 2019