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1. Zanzibar’s Historic Preservation: A Conservation Movement in Tanzania: This article from the Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage explores the ways in which Zanzibar’s historic preservation movement is preserving the island’s unique culture and heritage. The article discusses the efforts of local and international organizations, as well as the value of preserving the island’s cultural heritage. 2. Zanzibar: The Spice Island: This video from National Geographic takes viewers on an exploration of the culture, history and beauty of Zanzibar. It features interviews with local experts and explores the vibrant markets and stunning beaches of this island paradise. 3. Zanzibar's Economy: A Look at the Island's Tourism Industry: This article from the World Bank examines the role of tourism in Zanzibar’s economy. It examines the ways in which the tourism industry can help the island’s development, as well as the potential risks and challenges associated with its growth. 4. Zanzibar: A Cultural Crossroads: This article from the BBC explores the many cultures that make up the mosaic that is Zanzibar. It examines the influence of each