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Zeytinyağlı (olive oil) is a traditional Turkish dish that has been enjoyed for centuries in many parts of the world. It is made of vegetables, meats and sometimes cheeses, all cooked in olive oil. The ingredients and cooking methods vary from region to region, but the end result is always delicious. Zeytinyağlı is a staple of Turkish cuisine and is a popular choice for lunch and dinner. There are many articles and videos discussing the health benefits of zeytinyağlı, as well as recipes and tips for creating the perfect meal. Here are some of the most interesting articles and videos about zeytinyağlı. 1. "Zeytinyağlı: The Heart-Healthy Turkish Dish" - This article from the Huffington Post looks at the health benefits of zeytinyağlı, including its ability to reduce cholesterol and the risk of stroke. 2. "Zeytinyağlı: A Traditional Turkish Dish" - This video from the BBC looks at the history and preparation of zeytinyağlı, as well as sharing some delicious recipes. 3. "Zeytinyağ