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5 Reasons Why The Job Search Is Harder Now - Chameleon Resumes

“Why is this job search so damn hard?” This is a sentiment I hear often… And, yes, the job search nowadays at all levels ain’t easy. It’s always had its challenges… But in this video, I go through 5 stats/scenarios that explain why it’s hard. Thank you to Jim Stroud of SourceCon, Hunt Scanlon, Hung Lee, Bureau of Labor Statistics, and Katrina Kibben for their stats and insights that helped me come up with this list (credit given for each point in the video, too). It’s no wonder job seekers are burned out. These 5 points are big hurdles to overcome. But here is the thing… They are “overcome-able”… 100% First step to fixing a problem is admitting that you have a problem and accepting the situation at hand. So watch this video. And accept the situation… Like you have done 627 times at work. Once you accept the situation, you can come up with a plan. So DM me if you want to have a plan. And until then, keep educating yourself on how recruiting works and what’s going on “on the other side.” Each month, I have a pop-up career chat, aptly named PopUpCareerChat.com, where I speak to executive recruiting experts from different disciplines and tangentially-related-to-hiring experts (like executive comp lawyers, executive coaches, employment lawyers, executive education leaders, etc…) to give YOU the inside scoop on how hiring works. So go to PopUpCareerChat.com to register for my next guest session with Mark Polansky of Outcome Solutions (formerly of Korn Ferry for 25 years). We will be discussing how to use your IT knowledge to land a C-level role in any profession (CMO, CFO, COO, etc…). Tech knowledge isn’t just for CIOs, CTOs, CISOs, or CDOs anymore.

3 Ways To Reinforce Your Mental Strength During Your Job Search - Chameleon Resumes

Job searching in Jan 2024 can make you feel unseen and unvalued. The lack of replies from jobs you are perfectly qualified for, the countless mind-numbing online applications, and the ghosting….the damn ghosting. It's all painful and can make even an incredibly qualified, accomplished person question themselves … and their future. But I'm here to tell you… You are more than your job. You have opportunity before you. Your situation will turn around. But it will start with you…and your mindset. In this next video, I give you three ways I turned my mindset around when I was laid off in 2009…and tactics I still use to this day when business isn't going my way. And in 15 years, business hasn't always been smooth and easy. I even used these tactics when I sold recruiting services—believe me, there were days I didn't think I would make my numbers and would lose my job. These tactics helped me. Often I use any or all of these tactics STILL, in some capacity…every day. So, I'm sharing them with you. Use at least one of them and report back to me … here in the comments or in DMs, or email me at lr@chameleonresumes.com Let's do this together. You can do this. And I have a bonus 4th way… I'll give it away right here: self-care. Take care of yourself proactively. One way to do that is to attend my next resume webinar and ensure you are prepared for whatever comes your way. Register at http://freeexecresumetraining.com You can get through this. I'm here for you.

3 Unspoken Realities Recruiters Don't Say Aloud - Chameleon Resumes

3 Unspoken Realities Recruiters Don't Say Aloud Recruiters don't all recruit the same way. So no matter how loud and proud some LinkedIn influencing recruiters are, the bottom line is the ways they do things are not the only way — or some would say even the best way — to do things. In the dark corners of recruiting conferences and the privacy of one-on-one chats, executive recruiters have shared with me ways they recruit that would not be popular fodder for YouTube or LinkedIn videos. So they just put their head down and do their work successfully…which is to get people hired. But I'm here to share the realities with you, so as a job seeker, you are fully informed about how hiring happens. And some of them were the same realities that existed when I was a recruiter … I explain in this video. I welcome any thoughts, whether you agree with me or not… And if you want to learn more about how executive recruiting works, then I suggest you join me next week on Tuesday, 8/15/2023, at 12:00pmET for more insights from a first-hand recruiter and an advisor to recruiters who job search (me, yes, we have had a bunch of executive recruiters hire us to write their resumes because they know we get it and stay on top of trends). Go to this link to join me: https://us06web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZAkf-iurTwsH9XPImQk3lF66sti3BAUdq46 See you then! #recruiters #executiverecruiters #recruiting #jobsearch