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Caravan News The latest caravan news from around the world, updated daily. 1. Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visits refugees on Greek island of Lesbos 2. Australia’s refugee crisis continues as court orders asylum seekers to remain on Christmas Island 3. Syrian refugees in Lebanon face increasing pressure and displacement 4. Mexico launches emergency plan to help Central American migrants 5. UN refugee agency appoints new Special Envoy to help tackle global displacement 6. EU to launch new emergency relocation scheme for refugees 7. US court orders Trump Administration to allow refugees in 8. Germany pledges $6.6 billion aid package for refugees 9. UNHCR launches new global campaign to tackle refugee crisis 10. UN urges countries to step up efforts to protect refugees Caravan Articles 1. “The Global Refugee Crisis: Causes, Challenges, and Solutions” by Peter B. O’Brien, Refugee Studies Centre 2. “A Global Overview of the Refugee Crisis” by Amnesty International 3. “The Refugee Crisis: What’s Really Going On?” by the International Rescue Committee 4.