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Cult News 1. ‘Cult’ Suicide: 15 Member Group Leaves Note Mentioning ‘Heaven’s Gate’ 2. Cult Leader Arrested After Allegedly Forcing Members to Live in ‘Squalid’ Conditions 3. Parents of ‘Cult’ Member Who Died Claim They Were Kept in the Dark About Her Involvement 4. Former Cult Member Recounts Horrific Experiences to Raise Awareness of ‘Cults’ 5. Feds Shut Down ‘Cult’ Operating in the US, Accused of Trafficking Women Articles 1. “What Exactly Is a Cult?” – Psychology Today 2. “The Psychology of Cults: How They Attract, Control and Manipulate Followers” – The Conversation 3. “The 5 Types of Cults and How to Recognize Them” – Very Well Mind 4. “The Psychology of Cults: How People Get Sucked In” – The Guardian 5. “The Five Stages of Cult Mind Control” – The Atlantic Videos