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Discord is a popular online platform for gamers and other communities to communicate with each other. It has become a go-to resource for millions of gamers and other groups to come together, chat and share ideas. Discord News: Discord is releasing new features to help users better manage their server. This includes the ability to set permissions for specific roles, as well as other features to make moderating easier. Discord is also developing a new feature called “Go Live” which will allow users to stream their games live to their friends. This feature is currently in beta, but promises to be an exciting addition to the platform. Discord Articles: “How To Use Discord To Connect With Other Gamers” – This article explains how to use the features of Discord to connect with other gamers, stay in touch with your friends, and discuss new games. “The Benefits of Joining a Discord Server” – This article discusses the benefits of joining a Discord server, including the ability to stay connected with other gamers, gain access to exclusive content, and more. “How To Create a Successful Discord Server” – This article explains some of the steps you can