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1. Helicopter Parenting: Is it a Blessing or a Curse? - Huffington Post This article explores the pros and cons of helicopter parenting and how it can affect children. It looks at what it is, why it happens, and how parents can balance healthy boundaries between themselves and their children. 2. The Impact of Helicopter Parenting on Child Development - Psychology Today This article explores the effects of helicopter parenting on children's development. It looks at how it can hinder children's autonomy and how to help children develop independence. 3. Is Helicopter Parenting Damaging Our Kids? - TIME This article looks at the effects of helicopter parenting on children. It discusses how it can lead to anxiety and stress and how parents can find a balance between protecting their children and allowing them to take risks. 4. Helicopter Parenting: Why We Need to Stop - The Guardian This article looks at why helicopter parenting is damaging for children. It discusses how it can lead to a lack of resilience and how to let children take risks and make mistakes. 5. Helicopter Parenting: How to Balance Support and Freedom - Today's Parent This article provides advice on how to be a supportive parent