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August 2020 August 7, 2020: NASA's Hubble Telescope Captures Image of Longest-Lived Star in Milky Way Galaxy August 13, 2020: Scientists Detect a Possible Interstellar Object Orbiting Our Sun August 19, 2020: Astronomers Discover an 'Ultra-Fast' Star Moving Through Our Galaxy at Nearly 4 Million Miles per Hour August 28, 2020: Scientists Find Evidence of a New Type of Supernova September 2020 September 2, 2020: Astronomers Capture First-Ever Image of a Black Hole September 9, 2020: Scientists Discover Earth-Like Exoplanet That Could Support Life September 14, 2020: Hubble Telescope Captures Image of the Youngest Star Ever Seen September 22, 2020: Astronomers Detect a Mysterious Radio Signal Coming From an Unknown Source in Space September 30, 2020: NASA's Juno Spacecraft Reveals Jupiter's Unique Magnetic Field Structure