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Kadali Bhanda O Chingudi Tarkari Recipe (Odia Style Banana Blossom & Prawn Curry) by Archana's Kitchen

Kadali Bhanda O Chingudi Tarkari Recipe is the Odia Style Banana Blossom & Prawn Curry. Banana trees are considered very versatile as every part of the plant is utilised in one way or the other. The stem called Manja and the flower called Bhanda is used as a vegetable and the fruit is used universally in many dishes. The Banana Leaf is used as plates to serve food or as wrap to cook food. Since almost every home has a banana plant, this plays an important part in our cuisine. Banana Blossom or Kadali Bhanda as known in Odia looks and tastes very different from regular vegetables. The banana flower is a dark purple-red blossom that grows from the end of a bunch of bananas. Banana blossoms are fibrous and have a unique bitter taste to it. If the banana blossom are cooked properly, it becomes very delicious. Kadali Bhanda O Chingudi Tarkari Recipe (Odia Style Banana Blossom & Prawn Curry) is a dry curry which can be served along with Steamed rice, Raw Mango Dal Fry Recipe, Bharwa Karela Recipe, or Kakharu Phula Bhaja Recipe, and chopped mangoes on side.  If you like this recipe, try more recipes like Vazhaipoo Vadai Recipe (Banana Flower Fried Savoury Snack) Mocha Chingri Manohara Recipe (Shrimps Stuffed Banana Flower Kofta Curry) Mochar Ghonto Recipe (Traditional Banana Blossom Curry From West Bengal)