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1. AI-Powered Facial Recognition Surveillance Firm Is Now Under Investigation A facial recognition surveillance firm is now under investigation for potential misuse of the technology. The firm, Clearview AI, has created a powerful facial recognition tool that uses millions of images from social media sites like Facebook and Instagram to identify people. The technology has been used by law enforcement agencies around the world, and its use has raised concerns about privacy and the potential for abuse. The investigation is being conducted by the New York attorney general, who is looking into the company’s compliance with the state’s data privacy laws. 2. Microsoft Unveils AI-Powered “Project Brainwave” Microsoft has unveiled a new artificial intelligence-powered system called “Project Brainwave.” The system is designed to enable real-time AI processing on the company’s Azure cloud platform. The system is designed to be highly efficient and is capable of handling complex deep learning operations in a fraction of the time it would take a traditional CPU. Microsoft plans to use the system to power its Azure Machine Learning and Cognitive Services, and it could potentially be used in a variety of other applications, such as robotics, autonomous vehicles, and medical diagn

We Need To Take A More Evidence-Based Approach For Transformation And Change | Digital Tonto

Today we are in a change crisis. Businesses need to internalize new technologies like AI and adapt to new realities like hybrid work, but still struggle to adopt decades old skills related to lean manufacturing, agile development and cultural competency. If we are going to drive the transformations we need to compete, we need to take an evidence based approach. The biggest misconception about change is that once people understand it, they will embrace it. That’s almost never true. If you intend to influence an entire organization, you have to assume the deck is stacked against you. The status quo always has inertia on its side and never yields its power gracefully. The good news is that we have over a half-century of research and practice that can inform our efforts. Yet to be effective, we have to put that learning to work. It makes no sense, for example, to “create a sense of urgency” around change when we know that transformation follows an s-shaped curve, starting slowly and then accelerating after a tipping point, doing so is more likely to trigger resistance than to move things forward. In much the same way, if we know that shifts in knowledge and attitudes don’t necessarily result in changes in practice and that ideas about change are transmitted socially, we should focus our efforts on empowering enthusiasts rather than wordsmithing and broadcasting slogans. People tend to adopt the ideas and actions of those around them. We need to think about change as a strategic conflict between the present state and an alternative vision. The truth is that change isn’t about persuasion, but power. To bring about transformation we need to undermine the sources of power that underlie the present state while strengthening the forces that favor a different future. CLICK TO READ MORE...