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The following news articles, videos, and websites all contain information about policy interest rates and their effect on the economy. 1. Wall Street Journal: "Fed to Raise Interest Rates as Economy Strengthens" 2. CNBC: "Fed Raises Interest Rates for Second Time in 2017" 3. Forbes: "What the Fed's Interest Rate Increase Means For You" 4. The New York Times: "U.S. Raises Interest Rates and Signals Faster Increases Are Coming" 5. Bloomberg: "U.S. Interest Rates Climb to Highest Level Since 2008" 6. The Washington Post: "Fed Raises Interest Rates, Signals More Increases to Come" 7. US News & World Report: "Everything You Need to Know About the Fed's Interest Rate Hike" 8. CNN Money: "The Fed Just Raised Interest Rates. Here's What it Means for You" 9. Bankrate: "How the Fed's Interest Rate Increase Affects Your Wallet" 10. Investopedia: "What Is the Federal Funds Rate?"