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#197 How to manage your distraction downfalls - Squiggly Careers | Acast

Listen to #197 How to manage your distraction downfalls from Squiggly Careers . Helen and Sarah are back together for this week’s podcast, discussing a much requested episode on how to manage distractions! They talk about why we get attracted to distraction and how to manage your reaction so it doesn’t get in the way of you doing your best work. Expect 30 minutes full of helpful tips and ideas for action to take control of your distraction downfalls.The @amazingif community on Instagram also shared lots of their tips too:@syllerim – disable notifications, set specific times of the day for repetitive tasks like emails/checking messages,@kooijchristina leave your phone in another room when you need to do some deep work@smileykirstie – listen to training/self-development which on a walk to stay focused (also makes the same walking route less dull)@sophie_grundy – listening to music and put phone away@hayleygoddard – reframe distraction (its just a different form of the interruptions we would have had in the office). Create short bursts of time when some distraction is ok – that social scrolling doesn’t always have to create guilt.Liz @4egconsulting – v short to do list that can be done in time bursts/blocks. Share plans with partners so they don’t interrupt your focus time@misssophieellen - ‘red hour’ an hour for all employees to turn emails to offline, not use skype etc... everyone loves it!@auroramandm – start the day with a to-do list rather than getting lost in your inbox. Have visibility of ‘team to dos’ using a tool like Trello@abbibuszard – reduce scroll hole by following BJ Fogg’s B=MAP – Behaviour = motivation x ability x prompt@pocketrocketstace – close Outlook when I have a specific piece of work to do@bloggingbeliever – intuitive working (when you are mentally and physically ready) - we are more vulnerable to distractions when we are tired. Think about the end goal and question how much you want it.Louise John @lthej – mute the sounds on your laptopEmma Barrett @emnodge – headspace focus music (one piece is 85 minutes long) - work until it’s completed and then pick up the phone.If you’d like some more help with distractions, join PodPlus on Thursday 4th at 9am. Link to register here: https://www.amazingiflearning.com/courses/podplusYou can find resources mentioned in today’s podcast at https://www.amazingif.com/listen