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Slugging is a term used to describe a type of carpooling that occurs in Washington, D.C., and the surrounding area. The practice is popular among commuters who use the highway system to travel to and from work. It involves two or more people sharing a single vehicle, typically a sedan, and taking turns driving. It is also known as "slugging" because the people who participate in it are often referred to as "slugs." 1. "What Is Slugging? A Carpooling Practice in Washington, D.C." – National Geographic 2. "Slugging: An Eco-Friendly Way to Get Around DC" – The Washington Post 3. "Slugging: How to Make the Most of Carpooling in the DMV" – WTOP 4. "The Benefits of Slugging" – The Georgetown Voice 5. "Slugging: The Cheapest Way to Get Around DC" – The DC Line 6. "Slugging: A Guide to Carpooling in the DMV" – Commuter Connections 7. "Slugging: What You Need to Know Before You Start" – Curbed DC 8.