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1. “Smart Cities: How Technology Can Make City Life Easier” (Fox News, August 7, 2018): This article discusses the potential benefits of smart city technology, such as improved public safety, increased efficiency, and better quality of life. It also explores the challenges faced by cities in implementing such technology, such as cost and privacy concerns. 2. “Smart City Technology: What You Need to Know” (CNET, June 4, 2019): This article explains the basics of smart city technology, how it works, and what its applications are. It also outlines the potential benefits of smart cities and the challenges they face, such as the cost of implementation and the potential for privacy violations. 3. “Smart Cities: The Revolution of Urban Living” (The Guardian, October 3, 2018): This article takes a broader look at the concept of smart cities and how they could revolutionize urban living. It examines the potential benefits and challenges of implementing smart city technology, as well as the need to ensure that the benefits are shared equitably. 4. “The Smart City Revolution: What You Need To Know” (Forbes, December 28, 2018): This article provides an