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1. NASA Launches OSIRIS-REx Mission to Asteroid Bennu to Search for Origins of Life 2. NASA's Insight Lander Detects Marsquake for First Time 3. NASA's Parker Solar Probe Embarks on Historic Mission to Touch Sun 4. NASA's InSight Lander Finds Unusual Seismic Activity on Mars 5. NASA's Juno Mission Reveals Jupiter's Magnetic Field and Inner Structure 6. NASA's Hubble Telescope Spots Possible Water Plumes Erupting on Jupiter's Moon Europa 7. New Horizons Probe Sends Back Incredible New Images of Ultima Thule 8. NASA's New Horizons Probe Completes Historic Flyby of Ultima Thule 9. NASA's Curiosity Rover Finds Evidence of Ancient Flood on Mars 10. NASA's InSight Lander Measures Marsquakes and Heat on Red Planet