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Discover Latest #Victoria’s Secret News, Articles and Videos with Contenting

Victoria’s Secret is one of the most popular lingerie companies in the world. Every year, they release a highly anticipated fashion show featuring the hottest models and their latest designs. The company also releases a variety of articles and videos that provide insight into the world of fashion and beauty. Here are some of the latest news and videos from Victoria’s Secret: 1. Victoria’s Secret: The Sexiest Show on Earth (Vogue) – This article from Vogue provides an in-depth look at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. From the models to the music to the lingerie, the magazine offers readers a behind-the-scenes look at how the show comes together. 2. Victoria’s Secret Angels: How They Stay Motivated (Women’s Health) – This article from Women’s Health takes a closer look at the Victoria’s Secret Angels and how they stay motivated and in shape. Featuring interviews with some of the models, the magazine offers readers tips on how to stay motivated and reach their goals. 3. Victoria’s Secret: Behind the Scenes of the Runway Show (Yahoo!) – This video from Yahoo! provides an exclusive behind-