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World literature is a term that refers to literature from around the world. It is a broad term that encompasses literature from many different countries and cultures. World literature is often divided into categories based on language, region, or genre. It can include works from ancient times to contemporary works. World literature is an important part of understanding different cultures and can provide insight into the ways in which different societies and cultures interact and evolve. Some of the most popular works of world literature include the Epic of Gilgamesh, the Odyssey, the Bible, the Iliad, the Mahabharata, Don Quixote, the Arabian Nights, and the Divine Comedy. These works have shaped and influenced literature around the world. They have also had a significant impact on the development of various cultures and societies. In recent years, there has been an increasing amount of attention given to world literature. More authors from different countries and cultures are being published and more readers are turning to world literature to gain a better understanding of the world around them. There are also many online resources available to help readers discover and explore new works of world literature. News articles and videos about world literature can provide interesting insights into the various works and authors that make up this vast and diverse field