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1. Brownie Recipes for Everyone - This article from Delish.com highlights some of the most delicious brownie recipes that everyone can enjoy. From classic chocolate brownies to vegan brownies and even bacon brownies, there is something for everyone. 2. How to Make Brownies from Scratch - This video from Allrecipes.com shows viewers how to make brownies from scratch. It covers all the steps needed to make a delicious batch of brownies, including mixing the ingredients, baking the brownies and cooling them. 3. The History of Brownies - This article from Taste of Home explores the history of brownies. It looks back at when and where the sweet treat was invented and how it has evolved over time. 4. Brownies: A Sweet Treat with a Rich History - This article from The Guardian explores the history of brownies and how the treat has become a favorite around the world. It looks at the different variations of brownies and the creative ways they are being enjoyed today. 5. Brownie Tips and Tricks - This video from BBC Good Food provides tips and tricks for baking the perfect brownie. It covers everything from the type of ingredients to use to how to