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- Scientific American Metabolism news, articles and information: 1. How the Gut Microbiome Affects Metabolism and Overall Health 9/27/2018 - The microbial population of the gut is an important factor in maintaining a healthy metabolism and overall well-being. Learn more about the microbiome and how it impacts health. 2. Metabolism Breakthrough Could Enable More Effective Treatments for Metabolic Diseases 10/3/2018 - Researchers have made an important breakthrough in understanding how cells process nutrients, which could lead to more effective treatments for metabolic diseases such as diabetes. 3. Study Reveals How Metabolic Pathways Help Cells Adapt to Stress 10/22/2018 - A new study has revealed how changes in the rate of metabolism can help cells cope with stressful conditions, a finding that could help scientists better understand how to make cells more resilient. 4. Scientists Discover New Metabolic Pathway in Plants 11/12/2018 - Scientists have identified a previously unknown metabolic pathway in plants that could be involved in the production of important molecules and be used as a target for crop improvement. 5. New Study Sheds Light on How Metabolism Affects Memory and Learning 12/18/