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1. Squid: The Giant of the Sea (Scientific American): This article from Scientific American provides an overview of the squid, including its anatomy, behavior, and evolution. It also highlights the importance of squid to the oceanic ecosystem and provides information on the species of squid that inhabit the world's oceans. 2. Behind the Tentacles: The Amazing Life of the Giant Squid (Smithsonian Magazine): This article from Smithsonian Magazine provides an in-depth look at the giant squid, one of the most elusive and mysterious creatures in the ocean. It covers the giant squid's habitat, diet, mating habits, and other interesting facts. 3. Squid Discovery May Unlock the Secrets of the Ocean (National Geographic): This article from National Geographic describes a recent discovery made by scientists of a new species of squid living in the depths of the ocean. It discusses the importance of this discovery and what it may reveal about the mysteries of the deep sea. 4. How Squid Survive in the Deep Sea (BBC): This video from BBC explores how squid survive in the deep sea, where they are subjected to extreme pressures and temperatures. It highlights some of the unique traits of squid that allow them to survive in such extreme environments.