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1. "Sardines Are a Sustainable Superfood" - This article from The Guardian explains why sardines are an excellent source of nutrition, and how they are a sustainable and eco-friendly choice. 2. "Sardines: A Healthy, Sustainable Fish" - This article from Seafood Source explores the health benefits of eating sardines, and why they are a more sustainable choice than other fish. 3. "Sardines: Nutrient-Packed and Sustainable" - This video from the World Wildlife Fund explains why sardines are a nutritious and sustainable choice for seafood and why they are an important part of a healthy diet. 4. "Sardines: A Sustainable and Affordable Option" - This article from the Huffington Post explains the sustainability of sardines and why they are an affordable option for healthy eating. 5. "Sardines: An Eco-Friendly and Nutritious Choice" - This video from the Marine Conservation Society outlines why sardines are an eco-friendly and nutritious choice, and why they are important for maintaining healthy fish populations in the ocean.